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Fun lessons,,, means NOT serious??

Some people have the idea that if the lessons are FUN means it's not serious, you are just learning for fun.

When you are learning for fun,, no exams just for leisure, the teacher is obligated to make the lessons fun!
But even you are learning not for fun,, but seriously attempting to take exams or for your future career,,, the teacher is ALSO obligated to make it FUN for the student.

WHY??? Cos we are HUMANS! and being humans , we love to have FUN!
And FUN is what keeps us going, keeps our passion ALIVE!

Practising may not be a fun thing,, BUT we must make it FUN for us.
Else, we can never perfect a certain technique without practice.

Playing the piano is all about HANDS ON!
 we can think in our minds HOW to practise,, BUT we CANT think in our minds to practise!

Practice must be HANDS ON and WITH Repetition.
If you just play a passage once, that's NOT practice.
You must repeat the same passage again n again ,, start slow,, get some notes accurate first,, then continue,, etc etc...
You must sound like a broken record when you practise,, else how to get it perfect???

So,, it can be quite tedious practising the piano,, BUT we can incorporate fun into it.

First, we must get to love what we r playing.
How to love when you dont understand the piece?
So, get UNDERSTANDING,, the history , the story, learn how to interpret the piece accurately,, then you will understand and know what you are trying to achieve. Then only there's MEANING to what you are trying to achieve.

Once we know the sound or the mood to produce,,, we will feel the FUN and the challenge of trying to get to that point.

Everyone LOVES playing games,, why?
cos they know the END point they want to achieve.
They want to get the highest level possible to achieve a certain title.
and that's the FUN part of it.

So,, many lessons are boring because some teachers think fun lessons= Lessons that are NOT serious!

This is a great deception and this mentality will create a lot of dropouts!
This will creat hatred for music even and that's DISASTROUS!!!

Music teachers are supposed to introduce music to their students accurately.

For young children ,, all the way to adults,, different methods are used to make the lessons as fun as possible to maintain or ignite their interest in music even more.
Where there's interest,, there's passion, and where there's passion, there's the momentum to keep going achieving excellence,,, and where there's excellence, the love of music will continue to grow.

So,,, FUN lessons are GOOD, regardless you are doing lesiure or exams.

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