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Viv's Piano Lessons Etiquette

There are 3 basic things  to be done when a student comes for their piano lessons.

1) Wash hands with soap.

Clean hands are essential to play the piano better, so that we wont be hindered by dirty and sticky fingers.
Also to prevent germs from spreading.

2) Greetings

Do a formal greeting by bowing. That is to show respect to the teacher and to prepare the student to a serious time of learning.
There is time to learn and time to joke and have fun.

3) Posture and hand position.

The teacher must always take note of the student's posture and hand position especially for students in their early years of learning. They tend to slouch or sit up too straight and stiff and rest their palms on the board of the keys.

After all these are checked, then lessons can resume more effectively.   

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Wonderful sister.. Thanks for introducing such creative and interesting website.. Keep up the good work.. calistar likes it so much

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Hi Alice,

thank you for ur enquiries,, Please go under "Contact Vivian" and enquire thru there with your email add, and I will get back to you.

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How do u charge for LTCL ?

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