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Is Music FOR everyone?

Some students think when they dont do well in music, they will say,, music is not FOR them or music is just for the gifted.

I want to address this misconception.

Music is FOR everyone, BUT everyone may not be FOR music.

Let me explain!
You see around you, music plays a much more important role than you ever think.
Music is needed for occasions like weddings, birthdays, funerals, opening ceremonies, etc,, you hear music at the malls, TV, radio, schools, church, in fact almost everywhere u go. 

Now  why is music so important?

Imagine life without music. How BORING n MONOTONOUS it would be!! 

Humans are emotional creatures, and music helps us to realise that part (called the soul) in us.
Music is very powerful to evoke the right atmosphere , the right emotions and it can help you to link to certain memories in your life.

Eg: maybe that certain song reminds you of your special moment with your dream guy/girl, your spouse, your loved ones?
or perhaps your glorious moment, u won competitions, or in a special occasion?

Learning a certain instrument will help you in your fine motor and cognitive  skills. For people with some injuries of the brain or have any difficulty in coordination, picking up a musical instrument can greatly help them.
People who have a desk job 9-5 will do well learning music, cos it will help them to unwind and keep in touch with their "human" self.

Even senior citizens will greatly benefit learning music as it helps them in stimulating their brains to prevent alzhemier disease (loss of memory). and also exercise their fingers (fine motor) so that they can do small discrete task better.

So, with all these benefits,, i can say Music is definitely FOR everyone...
BUT everyone may not be FOR music because of their lack of understanding of the benefits of music.

I know it's not all a bed of roses while learning an instrument but likewise, it's not a bed of roses when you learn anything.

So, dont be discouraged if you find the instrument difficult!
But continue to practise knowing it;s beneficial for you and the sense of satisfaction after mastering the instrument is simply rewarding!!

PS: Just a word of caution!
NOT EVERY genre of music is good, there was a research where they use water to experiment how certain music affects the body.
cos our bodies are made of 70% water.

It shows when we listen to heavy metal music, the water molecules turn bizarre and haphazard looking,, that is how it would affect our body cells too.

But when tested on classical music, the water molecules have a beautiful crystal like appearance  with symetrical shapes.

Also, when they tested on plants, those which heard classical music grew well and strong, those listened to hard heavy metal died.



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