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fall back on music??

Question: Why do you want to learn music?

Answer: So that if I dont do well in my studies, I can always "fall Back" on my music.

Sounds familiar to you??
I have some students , when they first started with me had this thought until they know it's not as simple as it seems.

People look at piano teachers and think,, "Wow! that's good job for me to earn some extra money, and also i can have  flexi working hours, according to my rules".... well, you are right!
Some piano teachers do earn a lot and they have flexible hours, and also they can be their own boss.

Looks so good?
That's why so many want to jump in and have a share of the pie!

No problem! If something is really good, let's share it!
and i would encourage you to do it!

But before you really embark on this musical journey, let me tell you it's a journey and you must be committed in teaching your students, else you will end up being an irresponsible , unethical teacher.

1) For existing piano teachers:
You must have the knowledge and sufficient skills to teach,, eg: if you only can play gr 6 level pieces, can you teach a gr 8? if you cant demo their pieces??
and if you take in that student, you are being unethical!

2) For piano teachers wannabes:
You are still a student now and hurrying to take your gr8 exam in A YEAR , though you are prob only gr5/6 now,, and you hardly have any time to practise and you want the teacher to just prepare you the 3 exam pieces the next coming exam, so that you can skip paying more fees for yourself, and start making money.
That's irresponsible! cos you dont have enough repertoire and experience to start imparting your miserable bits of knowledge to your students.

3) For highly qualified teachers (i'm preaching to myself too), those have Bachelors, Masters, PHD,,, there is a complacency, we think we know a lot, so we stop learning and practising!... that's being irresponsible too.

Music is not something which you can fall back on if you fail in your studies.
It should be the thing you want to do, NOT because you have no choice!

It's a constant never ending learning and exploring.
You will never "finished" learning and playing all the repertoire in the world, even in 10 life times!!

Music is for everyone to enjoy but not everyone is suitable in walking the musical path. You must have interest,, and even great passion for it else your teaching would be mundane and boring.

For those who are doing it for money, i can tell you, you wont last long.
Unless you got a music related job in the administration side and you dont need to teach much, you are probably ok.

But for those who are 100% performance teachers, Passion will be your company and your supporter in this long musical journey!

So, dont fall in the trap of seeing at the surface, be a responsible and ethical piano teacher, being able to teach and impart your knowledge to the best that you can. Upgrade, do a refresher course, find some friends to discuss and share music, have occasional recitals among yourselves, this way you will keep the fire going.

Hope I din offend anyone in my message.
This is not to bring down anyone but to reflect on our doings, how our actions are affecting the musicians of tomorrow!!!

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Lucy | Reply 03.12.2013 00:36

Very well said!

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