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The importance of performing for others

Some students are shy or even afraid to perform for others.
This should not be! Music is for sharing and not to keep everything to yourself.
It is a universal language that we can speak to all people even if there's a language barrier.

Why are some so afraid to perform?
Many reasons 1) they are just shy by nature ,2) they scared to make mistakes , 3) they are afraid how people will look at them ,, self conscious etc

Performing for others is a JOY! it's a priviledge that you can play a piece well, even easy pieces.
Dont compare yourself with others, but let others encourage and spur you to greater improvement if they play better than you.

You will feel the satisfaction after mastering a piece AND sharing the piece with others.
That's TRUE Learning, and you should target yourself to that stage through daily practice till you gain mastery of the piece.

So, dont be afraid, but LOVE performing :)

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Pat Oliver | Reply 07.07.2013 05:12

I wish my piano teacher told me this, thanks Viv

Viv 07.07.2013 06:16

Don't Worry Pat!
it's never too late to perform and share your music with others.

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